Ice Ice Baby- 5 Accessories for Teen-Elder and Objects

You know, it summer and honestly, who'd want a hot coffee in this weather? Who want to wait for it to cool down in the first place? But also, who the hell actually has the money to buy $6 frappucinos all the damn time? Not me! Instead I buy $3 iced coffees and I realized people have only made frappucino and hot coffee accessories for sims. Why not give the icey blend some love this summer with this accessory and object.

We got a lil something for everyone here! Candians, hipsters, New Englanders (Englandites? English?), rich hipsters, and broke bitches. The object is $3 in Decorative/Sculpture.
Download here! Recommended download Adele & decorgal Prop Box so they can actually hold the cup.

"GET THE F**K OUT I'M PLAYING MINECRAFT"-Xbox One and PS4 Controller as Accessories + Poses

That title is most certainly a mouthful! But my good friend 2fingerswhiskey recently figured out how to mesh and how to convert objects, two of which were an Xbox One and Playstation 4. But he still has trouble making accessories so I gave him a hand and made the controller objects into accessories so ya sims can play the vidya games.

Special thanks to the original creators of these meshes and Jeb for converting them!
Download here!

"Adam's Tavern" Bar + Apartment (2 Bed, 1 Bath) Lot

My first lot ever released on here! I literally worked on this all day and don't know why I just got so into it. I didn't eat for 10 hours so it'd be awesome if y'all got it.

Located in the south half of Eden, NH, Adam's Tavern is the community's beloved bar/restaurant.

They love their community back! Letting local bands play and treating regulars like family.

Even the employees get love with "state of the art" comfort and entertainment in the breakroom*!
*maximum breaktime of 30 minutes

Recently refurbished kitchen and restroom will leave whoever lives upstairs comfortable and happy in their new home.
Now for the top views!

Download here! Required CC included. All EPs and SPs required!

"Winning Costumes" 3 Costumes for TF & 1 Costume for TM

Halloween is just around the corner and you might be putting off your costume 'til Oct. 30. But don't let your sims procrastinate! Get them these costumes that are sure to win them a spot at their Halloween party.

Included are all new costumes with new meshes! Or converted for one of them but whatever.

First we have Skye with her pirate costume! Hat not included. Get the hat here.

Next up is Rochelle's Cleopatra costume! I couldn't find any good eyeliner that was winged for the gods so I made it myself!

Next up, we have June in her Dorothy Gale costume. Cause you know I had to honor my Kansas roots! The mesh is converted from LianaSims, except made a bit shorter and fluffier because thats how my reference looked. Plus an added modesty shield. The texture is from Wicked_poppies Dorothy Gale sim, thats also where I got her hair.

Lastly, we have Sergio in ther most hilarious costume, the banana costume. Don't ask why he looks like he's trying to act gangster idek.

And here are the costumes in normal lighting instead of the purple lighting I have for my party lot. Apologies for low-quality.

Get it here!
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"Spoiled Rotten" 15 Diapers for Teens

SOOOOOOO, I was bored one day, going through the CG/L tag on tumblr and I realized that diapers are cute and I don't have any for my sims. Then I mentioned it to my friend and they mentioned how their friend has been wanting diapers for sims cause they have to wear them because of certain illnesses so that definitely pushed me to make this! This is a new mesh for both TF and TM as bottoms and has working fat morphs.
Recolor policy! I left the blank diaper mainly so y'all could recolor it to ya hearts content. You can upload your recolors but please please please give me credit

Download here!
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"We... Are The Crystal Gems!" 8 Steven Universe Shirts for Teens and Dress for TF

So I don't know about you guys but I have surprising lack of SU stuff in my sims game. And I love Steven Universe so I thought I'd deliver with these 8 shirts for teens (7 tees, 1 sweater for TF only UPD8 9/8/16 Now for TM!).

As an added bonus, I made the absolutely beautiful Rose Quartz dress from Hot Topic that I can't afford IRL.

Download here! Meshes included.
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"Ohhh~" Mini Bodywand™ Objects for Sims 2

Hey guys! So in case you didn't know, I work a sex shop. As such I'm very familiar with toys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ). One of my favorites that I have right now though is what is known as a Mini Bodywand.

Basically it's a tiny clitoral vibrator that is actually really powerful despite being tiny. Seriously though its so cute but yet sO PLEASING. It's just great, get it IRL if you can. But for now your simmies can have it! It comes in 5 different colors; neon pink, neon purple, neon green, neon blue, and orange; and in 3 different stages; box closed/new, box open with the wand by the side, and the wand standing up.

Now you can show your sim really loves themself and they don't need anybody else, or ya know, is sexually active and healthy and comfortable with figuring stuff out themselves.
Recolor Policy! Do you want some more colors for these? Make them yourself but if you upload it, be sure to give me credit as I worked really hard and am proud of it. You can include the mesh in your file too but again, please give me my credit.
Now that that's out of the way here's the download!
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